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Black Caviar
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Confeccionado con un encaje suave y elástico, el Romantic Corded Lace Padded Demi Bra cuenta con medias copas acolchadas, y tirantes ajustables que te aportan comodidad y sujeción.

  • Medias copas acolchadas
  • Con aros
  • Encaje elástico
  • Laterales con forro de malla reforzada
  • Tirantes rígidos de sujeción delanteros con ribete de encaje
  • Tirantes de felpa elásticos y ajustables de sujeción en la espalda
  • Colgante en forma de X en oro rosado en la parte delantera central
  • Hardware en oro rosado
  • Cierre de corchete
  • Encaje: 93% Nylon, 7% Elastano; Malla: 77% Nylon, 23% Elastano; Forro copa: 100% Poliéster
  • Lavar a mano con agua fría por separado, secar en plano
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Romantic Corded Lace Padded Demi Bra

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30 de abril de 2024
Comfortable and cute

As part of the Tell it Like it Is program I received this item free in exchange for my review. I'm wearing a size 38B here which is my usual size. This bra is very comfortable and soft for being made of lace. Lace is not usually this soft but I was very surprised that this is. The underwire wasn't intrusive or pinched all day which is amazing.

Talla: 100B
24 de abril de 2024
A savage Fenty Classic!!!

Fun fact about me, this was the first bra I ever bought from savage in 2020!!! It is still one of my faves but I got big after my 3rd baby and it no longer fit. I was SO happy to have this bra again in my current size!! Such a classic piece. I fell in love with it all over again!!! *I received this product free in exchange for my honest review*

Talla: 120D
29 de abril de 2024

I usually avoid demi bras because I don't feel like they have enough coverage, but this bra has the perfect amount of padding that gives great coverage but it's still super comfortable and sexy. Would recommend!

Talla: 100C
25 de abril de 2024
Demi padded bra

Light padding with great coverage. Smooth lace can be for date night or work day. Lace is soft and feminine sexy details if you want it to be seen and great material if you wanna be more modest and cover up.

Talla: 85F
29 de abril de 2024
Fantastic bra!

(I received this product in exchange for an honest review) Love the fit of this bra, it has just the right amount of padding and the straps and inner fabric are very soft and stretchy unlike a lot of other lace bras

Talla: 90C